Dirty Librarian Chains

Our favorite library happens to be in our own backyard.  The Pratt art institute made local history way back in 1896 with opening the Pratt Library, which was Brooklyn's first free public library.  Now you have to be a student to check out books, but I was lucky to gain access for  to peruse their inspiring collection.   To add to the beauty, most of the fixtures were designed by Tiffany specifically for their stacks, and they have some of the most wonderful old books including some gorgeous map indexes.  Check out our Classics Collection photo shoot from a day in the Pratt Stacks!

This bust is getting dressed up in our Card Catalog Necklace (only available at AHA Life).


We still have the Collation Earrings in stock, the rest by request only. 


The Data Necklace is exploring ancient architecture. 


Atlas Necklace (by request) and Media Bracelet  hanging with old Brooklyn Maps.


Poetry and Archive Necklaces at the card catalog. 


Carrel Necklaces (by request). 


Renewal and Imprint Necklaces (by request) on the Tiffany designed book ends. 


All photos by Jacqueline Booth DiMilia.  

Check out more Pratt photos at their online photo archive.

Written by Susan Domelsmith — September 21, 2012

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