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I was immediately obsessed the first time I tried eating the Purslane green this summer.  I bought it every week from the farmer's market and mexican grocery store in Brooklyn only to find by the end of the summer that it was already growing wild in the pots on my patio.  

Apparently, the edible succulent Purslane grows easily (to many gardners' dismay) all over the world, and the use of it in meals dates back to Greece in the 7th century BC.  The peppery lemon taste makes for delicious salads or as a sauteed side dish. When I found out the plant and tiny black seeds were high in Omega - 3 fatty acids and Vitamin C, the reason I was craving this crunchy plant became clear.  

Take a snoop around your garden, pluck up some purslane, and cook away!  

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Written by Susan Domelsmith — September 12, 2012

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