Dirty Librarian Chains

Thank you for eight wonderful years!  Here is a flashback of some of our favorite first pieces.  If you see something you can't live without, please email orders@dirtylibrarianchains.com and we can see if we can recreate it for you. 

This Circulation Necklace was the first one I ever made!



I still love the shape of this Annonym Necklace. 

This Atlas Necklace was a top seller.


Index Necklace.

Overdue Necklace.

The Thesaurus Necklace was one of my favorites to make for years.

Recto Necklace.

DLC's first Dewey Eyeglass Chains. 


Adds Earrings.  I wish we were still able to find those gold dagger pieces!


Permuterm Earrings

Magazine Necklace, another top seller.


Censor Bracelet.

Reissue Earrings.


Annual Earrings.


This is the first Media Bracelet that I ever made, and I still wear it almost everyday.  I have made hundreds since!

Thank you for all of your support over the years! 



Susan Domelsmith

Written by Susan Domelsmith — July 09, 2012

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