Dirty Librarian Chains

Madesmith Academy is an online school to help you learn sustainable business strategies + craft skills from top experts who've created successful brands. Get support along the way in our Designer Community.

Dirty Librarian Chains designer, Susan Domelsmith, has five courses where she guides you through making a necklace, statement earrings and charm bracelets - you can use your own materials or purchase the kits to make your very own jewelry. 

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Madesmith Dirty Librarian Chains Courses

If you have a desk job, but dream about owning a business where you can create and sell beautiful products, Madesmith Academy will teach you the right techniques in the comfort of your own space. Learn to make beautiful Japanese shibori, sustainable jewelry from existing pieces or upcycled kids clothing. All our courses are focused on good design and aesthetic that will inspire you to make gorgeous products.


Happy Making!



Written by Susan Domelsmith — November 04, 2014

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